Programista outstaffing IT company.
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  • authentic and competent.

  • thoughtful and decent.

Programista is an Information Technology Outstaffing* Company


What We Are Good At

We believe that no matter how good you get at something, competence is still a long journey and not a destination.
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Our Services

Why You Need Us

Because we are authentic, competent, thoughtful, and decent.
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Past Work

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We have been doing this for a long time, successfully completing vastly diverse projects for customers spanning the globe.
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Happy Customers

What They Say

Our customers tell us they appreciate the flexibility of our company and the quality of work delivered by our employees.
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You tell us about your problems and your goals.

We analyze your problems and scope your needs.

Then we agree to an approach best suited for you.

We assemble the team you need.

You approve it.

Functionally, they become a part of your organization.

Administratively, they continue to report to Programista.

Programista makes sure they are legally compliant, well-paid, often spoiled, and, generally speaking, as happy as can be at our well-equipped Class A offices.

Your company pays Programista;

... only for the actual hours of work performed.

Usually, Programista; engages in projects longer than one year.

Our Services

Typically, customers turn to us when they need:


  • They can't find the talent they need
  • They need experienced developers
  • They need developers with custom domain knowledge
  • There's no ready solution to the problems they are facing
  • They need better, more scalable architecture
  • They need Product Managers with expirience in technological and feature research

Process Management

  • They can't manage their development process
  • They feel their development process can be improved
  • They have a bottleneck in their development pipeline
  • They need a better documentation structure for their development life-cycle


  • They can't scale as a company
  • They feel like they can't add more teams to work on their product
  • They feel that there is a bottleneck in their organizational structure
  • They feel like they are adding more teams but they are not getting more work done

Reliable Service

  • They need a better release process
  • They need a 24/7 Support center staffed with highly qualified engineers
  • They need to better organize their support ticket management


  • They feel like they can improve their product's quality
  • They need to automate their QA process


  • They don't have enough visibility into their departments
  • They can't assess the productivity of their teams



If you want to work for an incredible company that inspires innovation and creativity every day, contact us.

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